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    What’s in a name?
    Welcome to our Workshop, where with a few, minimal tools—an amortizing calculator, a pen and a note pad—we work to simplify the mortgage process. As you research, plan and navigate your home purchase, you don’t have to go it alone.
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    Our team of seasoned professionals truly enjoys guiding future happy homeowners through the mortgage process.
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    We are happy to meet you wherever you are on the path toward buying a home. Dreaming of buying a first home with only vague notions of how to go about it? Puzzling through the logistics of moving from your current home to a new one? Right-sizing for retirement? Contemplating investing in income property?

    There’s a lot to think about, and you came to the right place.
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    Need help organizing?
    Use our Planning Worksheet and Document Checklist to organize your thoughts and gather all your paperwork.

    Planning Worksheet Document Checklist
Help us help you... We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to work with us for your new loan. It probably goes without saying that our goal is to facilitate the quickest, smoothest and most drama-free loan closing possible. There are a few simple (and mostly common sense) things that you can do to assist us in making this happen. We want you smiling all the way through to closing!
Guaranteed Rate Beginning in 2017, we’ve embarked on a new relationship with Guaranteed Rate, one of the most innovative mortgage companies out there. They're committed to offering low rates, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the mortgage process simple, streamlined and transparent. We couldn't be more excited to join the Guaranteed Rate family.
Planning Worksheet The questions on this worksheet are designed as a kickstarter. What are you looking for? Where? When? You probably won’t have an answer to every question and that’s totally okay. Just mull things over, jot down what you know and make a note where you feel clueless and want some guidance.
Workshop Blog 2017 FHA loan limits are way up HUD just announced the FHA loan limits for 2017 and Portland’s FHA loan limits are going up… way up. Starting January 1, 2017, for a single family residence the loan limit will be $408,250. The current limit is $368,000, so that’s $40,250 more than last year (just about an 11% increase). Read more...
Document Checklist We know. Nobody likes paperwork (not even us), but it is central to the loan process and (sorry!) unavoidable. The good news is the better job we do up-front, the less we’ll have to do later. So let’s get it over with, shall we? Download our checklist, to keep yourself on track.
Workshop Blog $424,100 is the new $417,000 Very Big News: Starting January 1, 2017, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will have new, higher loan limits. With this adjustment, maximum price a buyer can spend with the minimum (3%) down payment changes from $429,900 up to $437,250. And buyers aiming to avoid MI and put 20% down, will seen their maximum price stretched from $521,250 up to $530,125. Read more...
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